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  • Corruption in Australia, beyond casinos and judges
  • By Gopal Raj Kumar
  • 13/03/2017
  • Contributed by: Simon_P ( 1 article in 2017 )
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Attempts by Julie Bishop, Australia’s foreign minister, to besmirch the reputation of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, has hit another obstacle with the arrest of Australia’s Crown Casino executives in China last October.

James Packer a ‘good friend’ of Julie Bishop a private guest of the Packers on a number of occasions is said by sources close to the Chinese authorities to also be a source of interest to China inspite of her position as the foreign minister of Australia.

The Chinese arrested, amongst others, Malaysian born Alfread Gomez, a Crown executive, is known to remain behind bars being interrogated in China on the offences of procuring clients for gambling in Macau and aiding in the commission of illegal activities including gambling (which is illegal in China) and money laundering.

Gomez and his fellow Crown executives currently in detention, in the interests of self preservation are said by friends in Malaysia to have sung like canaries in detention.

A couple of the detainees in last year’s raid in China are known to have been “released on bail” a method the Chinese often use to track down associates that have escaped their dragnet the first time round.

It is widely believed that some of Crown’s board including a former government minister under the Howard government is also, according to sources close to the Chinese government, on the radar of Chinese authorities and being closely monitored by them.

The former Howard government minister and other members of Crown’s board are said to have been compromised by Chinese agents some time before the raids.

The Chinese are believed to have built up large personal dossiers on each of the Australian government officials who have worked with or assisted others in their breaches of Chinese anti-gambling and anti money laundering laws.

A source close to Gomez’s family has also confirmed that high level corruption in Australia involving the gaming industry as a trap and conduit extends to Australian judges, diplomats, the police forces, individual politicians and by association both major political parties of Australia.

A Malaysian official who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the statement by Julie Bishop last August about her concerns about corruption allegations against the Malaysian government and its prime minister were not responded to by Putrajaya because officials in Putrajaya knew much more about the illicit activities of Australian government and many of its top officials than what people like Julie Bishop claimed to know about the Malaysians.

And the advice to officials in Puterajaya was not to respond or to say anything publicly about Julie Bishop or anyone else pointing fingers at Malaysia.

Operation Fox Hunt, the Xie Jin Peng government’s worldwide drag net to entrap and return to the mainland corrupt officials assisted by the likes of Crown Casino and its political connections in Australia is said to be paying significant dividends to the Chinese government.

Additionally it is also said that the connection between big business and Australian politicians is something Chinese intelligence have known about for some time.

Chinese money laundering is widespread in Australia according to the source.

Most money laundering in Australia is conducted through the purchase of real estate at highly inflated prices with the assistance of Australian government agencies who often turn the other way and Australian banks who facilitate the conveyance of large sums of money illegally siphoned out of China using fake invoices, banking and financial instruments often aided indirectly by Australian government agencies.

The threat of the death penalty if found guilty on return to China is an excuse that Australia has used effectively to provide refuge from the law for Chinese citizens suspected of laundering large sums of money taken out of Chinese government institutions illegally by corrupt Chinese officials.

Australian law prohibits Australia’s government agencies returning anyone regardless of their crime to a capital punishment jurisdiction.

An ABC Four Corners programme which was aired in Australian on the night of 6 March 2017 has identified part of a very large problem which has undermined the credibility of the Australian government, the integrity of its immigration and financial system.

It possibly has also raised concerns about high level corruption in Australian government from its close association to the large corporate sector much of it never reported widely within Australia.

Malaysian police sources have identified a number of triad syndicates running junkets that have successfully targeted high profile lawyers, judges and politicians in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales on whom they rely favours for.

The stench of corruption in judges and politicians has heated up in recent months with revelations by notorious Russian hacker Alexei Kuznetsov who hacked into the personal and private emails and phones of Queensland judges, politicians, lawyers and businessmen threatening to drip feed of the information through the dark web and social media.

As the heat on corruption in Australia is turned up, no one it seems is game enough to explain why and under what authority the Australian governments of the Gillard, Rudd and Abbott era over the past decade donated between US$88,000,000 to $340,000,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Global Initiative (CGI).

The CGI it has been reported was a private foundation and a pay to play scheme run by the Clintons to fund Hillary Clinton’s failed tilt at the US presidency.

Email inquiries and requests for more information to government agencies and members of parliament in Australia has been met by a stony silence from both sides of parliament.


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