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  • Australia Sign Petition! Investigate #Corruption, #ChildAbuse & #ParentAbuse in #FamilyCourt NOW!
  • By Susan G
  • ~Petition
  • 21/04/2017
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 22 articles in 2017 )
Petitioning Prime Minister of Australia Honourable Malcolm Turnbull and 8 others
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The draconian laws of the Family Courts and the administration of these laws manipulated by corrupt legal practitioners and the "Experts" they assign to write Reports to the Court, protect its administrators, report writers, lawyers, barristers, judicial officers and a $5 billion (2008 figures) Family Court Industry that is the envy of all other legal jurisdictions in Australia both in the amount of money its lawyers and barristers make (at the cost of destruction of young, voiceless, innocent lives) and the outrageous discretion and judicial impunity enjoyed by its judicial officers.

The forbidding cost (monetary, emotional, physical) of bringing to justice individuals in a corrupt system by those who are already victims of the greed and rampant corruption in the Family Courts of Australia, has allowed this system to continue to abuse innocent people and allow corrupt legal practitioners to pervert the course of justice in its current disgraceful state on a daily basis.

Family Courts continue to punish the family violence victims who find the courage against all odds to stand against their abusers. The currency of Family Court is blood and tears of innocent people. The results are lining of pockets of corrupt family court solicitors, barristers, report writers and others.

The less good people stand up against the conduct tolerated and supported in the Family Court, the more arrogant the Family Court legal practitioners and its report writers will become.

Please stand up and make your voice count against the rampant corruption that is in the texture and DNA of a system that rewards the solicitors, barristers, report writers and judges at the cost of devastation and destruction of the very victims of family violence and abuse who turn to these courts for protection.

Family Court of Australia continues to put at risk the lives and well being of those it is supposed to protect, the Children!

Nothing can be reported to the media. No professional body can Hear complaints in relation to any unlawful or illegal conduct of those that the Famaily Court protects.

Judges have absolute power to make Orders that affect Children under such protectionist system.

They rely on "Expert Reports" to protect themselves. No one can question these so called "Experts". Expert Reports can be purchased. It seems that Court Orders can be purchased. It seems justice can be purchased in the Family Court.

In its 30 plus years of operation, Australia's youth suicide rate has reached number 1 in the developed world. The majority of victims of youth suicide in Australia come from broken homes. In 2015, more young people aged 15-24 died of suicide in Australia than of any other cause. How we treat the most vulnerable in our country should be the envy of the developed world instead we fail our children time and time in horrific circumstances.

Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for ages 10-24. (2014 CDC WISQARS)
Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for college-age youth and ages 12-18. (2014 CDC WISQARS)

More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED.

Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 5,240 attempts by young people grades 7-12.

Four out of Five teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs
These are fertile grounds for corruption of the highest degree. Any allegation of corruption and misconduct within the Court Sydney can only be investigated by the Family Court itself behind closed doors.

No one knows of the nature and outcome of complaints.

There is no independent body to investigate the complaint about judicial misconduct of a Family Court Judge in our country. Unlike any other State or federal Judge, family Court Judges' misconduct is examined before other judges of the Family Court.

Complaints about judicial conduct can not be heard other than in the unforgiving process of Appeal, where other Judges of the Family Court hear the Appeal.

There needs to be an independent Royal Commission into the suffering of victims of Family Courts, the conduct of corrupt legal practitioners, the appointment of "Experts" to write reports,..., to alleviate the injustice and harm bestowed upon innocent children and parents for decades. #EnoughIsEnough

Letter to
Prime Minister of Australia Honourable Malcolm Turnbull
Attorney General of Australia Senator George Brandis
Chief Justice of the Family Courts of Australia Honourable Diana Bryant
Australia's Leader of the Opposition Honourable BIll Shorten
Australian Senator Senator Derryn Hinch
Shadow Attorney General of Australia The Hon Mark Dreyfus
Australian Children's Commissioner Ms Megan Mitchell
President, Australian Human Rights Commission Professor Gillian Triggs
Australian Human Rights Commissioner Mr Edward Santow
No CCTV Footage onTorture of Voiceless Young Victims & Corruption in Family Courts.

#Australia's #FamilyCourt......A Broken System: Unconstitutionality of Family Law!

16 MAR 2017 — The Scale of Justice in Divorce and Custody Ordeals are UNBALANCED!
Often people emerge from these ordeals bewildered and in disbelief by the lack of remedies available to protect oneself from having their

  • rights violated —
  • due process denied —
  • access to recourse (justice) unattainable — and
  • at the mercy of courts that can impose
  • countless penalties,
  • fees,
  • fines and
  • utilise mechanisms that create a form of “legal” extortion — using children and financial ability (or rather inability) as leverage against a mother or father.

Abridging Equal Protection
Upon entering a hearing — filing a response — displaying evidence meeting the burden of proof — a parent can attain a false sense of security feeling that honesty is the best policy in family court.

This often unfolds in instances where parents take the approach that exposing
the shortcomings in the courts application of law and
the abundant disregard for professional conduct and ethics standards
will safeguard their rights as a parent and litigant.

After all, why shouldn’t they think this would be the case since many are of the belief that they are protected from judicial misconduct and legal abuses — having faith that the United States Constitution* (*The Australian, British, Irish,... legal system), has their back.

All things being equal, this very well might be the way things would work out — but this is Family Law ....
where justice is not blind —
courts presiding over divorce and custody are not neutral —
abuses of power shielded by judicial immunity are not often checked,
whereby culpable institutions and parties are not held accountable.

Ron B. Palmer, founder of The National Family Law Policy Center, commented that, “In exercising judicial authority, the court is supposed to identify the private rights at stake in the proceedings, the state’s interests in the proceedings (executive’s policy initiative) , determine the risk of error (costs of getting it wrong), then determine what procedure must be followed to appropriately protect the private rights at issue in the proceeding before making a determination (constitutional guarantees).

This is the procedure that the Supreme Court has established and applied to everything from employee termination to multi-billion dollar class-action suits.

In family law, every single state has twisted, distorted, and outright perverted this process. Because there is no executive involvement, in a custody dispute between fit parents, to provide the state’s interests —

it is left up to the court to determine the specifics of the state’s interests —
not because there should be a state interest but because the state is forcing itself into a private issue…

The question becomes, how can the court be a neutral and impartial decision-maker when the court crafts the specific policy implementation?”

Immune From Accountability
Judicial immunity creates circumstances, intentional or not, that result in taking away liberty — happiness — sometimes the life of a good person caught up in this system.

Examining many of these ordeals it is often jarring to observe how laws, constitutional rights and hard evidence are removed from sight and intentionally ignored by courts.

It is even more striking in instances where parents (trending more to those that represent themselves as pro se litigants) recognize and challenge these issues by often citing and illustrating the fraud on the court — found in abundance in many custody and divorce cases.

Once these matters reach a certain juncture and cross a threshold where they start exposing the cracks within a courts integrity and the often improper adjudication of a case — it’s no longer in the best interest of the court (and its players) to look out for the rights and interests of a child over that of the state — not to mention the parent.

“Absolute Judicial Immunity, the Supreme Court has determined, means that judges may intentionally violate the constitution and do so with malice towards a litigant — with impunity.

They cannot be held accountable by the law in any way. I have seen this in action first hand many times and have heard countless horror stories from parents who have gone through the family law wringer…

The problem with absolute judicial immunity in family law is, that, if parents raise their constitutional rights in a case and it angers a judge, that judge can punish them with complete loss of their children and huge fees for child-support, alimony, GAL, Amicus Attorney, and other attorney’s fees.

I have known parents who have had orders to pay more monthly in combined fees than that parent had ever made in a single month, even with overtime pay. The judge knew exactly what he was doing.

It was addressed in open court.

The judge did it anyway and the state appellate court rubber stamped it on appeal without any comment at all in their opinion.

It was a clear case of corruption with no recourse or accountability…
I personally believe that judges should have no more than limited immunity.

Judges argue that nobody would be a judge if judges didn’t have absolute immunity.

I don’t believe it.

Police don’t have absolute immunity and they take on difficult and dangerous jobs.
Heads of executive agencies in states and the federal government only have limited immunity and there is no shortage of people vying for those positions.” —RON B. PALMER

Neutrality Fails In Family Law
Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy once said in referring to neutrality that,
“The law makes a promise: neutrality. If the promise gets broken, the law as we know it ceases to exist.”

Not long after making that comment, Justice Kennedy went further in an interview expanding on what he meant saying,

“You have to remember that we live in a constitutional democracy, not a democracy where the voice of the people each week, each year, has complete effect. We have certain constitutional principles that extend over time.

Judges must be neutral in order to protect those principles. . .
There’s a rule of law, [and it] three parts.

One: the government is bound by the law.
Two: all people are treated equally. And
three: there are certain enduring human rights that must be protected.

There must be both the perception and the reality that in defending these values, the judge is not affected by improper influences or improper restraints. That’s neutrality.”

Neutrality in family law is missing in many area!

“The law is a profession and lawyers are committed to uphold the constitutional system…

If an attorney gives money to a judge with the expectation that the judge will rule in his interest or his client’s interest, that is corrosive of our institutions.” —JUSTICE KENNEDY

When you have Judges in these courts free to run amok under the cover of immunity with no real oversight or checks and balances — the notion that laws are applied neutrally and administered in a manner consistent with constitutional rights and protections afforded to individuals is a fallacy.

The article written by Stephen Krasner.

Although in relation to the US Family Courts, word for word it applies to Australian Family Courts.



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    By:Troy from Victoria, Australia on April 30, 2017 @ 7:18 am
    The system is so broken it not only hurts everyone but continues to destroy fathers like myself daily until the child comes of age. The system supports those that can afford to battle through the courts, and we battle the mental anguish from verbally abusive mothers.
    I finally see something monumental has to happen for any change in the system. Somehow the people at the top can sleep at night?
    By:Helen Ambury from Qld, Australia on April 29, 2017 @ 10:55 pm
    The whole system needs a total review. It is way too easy to commit perjury and pervert the course of justice and there are few penalties for doing so.
    By:John Sharma from TAS, Australia on April 27, 2017 @ 6:51 am
    My life was destroyed by the corrupt family court.i am just too stubborn to die like so many others do.
    By:George Robinson from NSW, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 11:41 pm
    Something need to be done.
    By:Jonah Stiffhausen from NSW, Oz on April 23, 2017 @ 12:31 pm
    These are corrupt courts. A state-sanctioned kidnapping and extortion racket. The law is a business and in secret courts without juries, more often than not a corrupt one.
    By:Simon Hunt from VICTORIA, Australia on April 23, 2017 @ 8:54 am

    This industry escapes reform because it operates in secret, without accountability. The media is forbidden from reporting on anything that happens there. Its crimes against families generally and children in particular are therefore easily deniable and continue unabated.
    By:David Farmer from Herts, United Kingdom on April 21, 2017 @ 10:23 am
    Please sign here

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