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  • Sack or have Julia Gillard resign?
  • 11/12/2012 Make a Comment (10)
  • Contributed by: MrSquiggle ( 2 articles in 2012 )
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RESIGN or be SACKED!Either way, Julia Gillard Must Go!

What do Australians think about a leader of a nation abusing and mocking public office for such a commercial, irrelevant and juvenile act that clearly, does not represent the best interests of the Australian people?

Has Julia Gillard just thrown political correctness out the window, simply to be replaced by some personal fantasy or agenda?

With Ms Gillard's outrageous performance she has clearly shown disrespect to Australia and it's people, the Mayans, the CSIRO, the Australian parliament and age old processes, her family and herself. What ever did possess her to do such a thing?

Whilst personal gratification, royalties and other rewards may flow to Ms Gillard from such a hideous and commercialised spectacle, many Australians feel a sense of betrayal, embarrassment and disdain toward Ms Gillard for such an undignified act abusing her position of power and trust.

What a disgrace and abomination are common responses from people — Ms Gillard must step down from the podium, the top job and from public office immediately, no butts about it!

And this applies to any leader regardless of gender, creed or colour, being labelled a public disgrace for misusing their position of power and influence, for personal gain at the expense of the collective good for which they were elected.

Above is a scene from the American movie Network (1976) which even after 36 years, still epitomises the mood of many people today who are beginning to wake up to the illusory game of politics and poor leadership retarding and bankrupting a nation.

Julia Gillard has simply demonstrated yet another example of what the people of Australia don't want or need, and the fact that perhaps her and her merry team of political buddies don't run the country, but are pawns and puppets of large corporations and those who control them.

Australians and good people around the world are getting oh so tired of 'plausible deniability' so many people in power seem to think is ok to use, just like the Gillard's spokesman brushing off the criticism saying: "What Australian doesn't mind a laugh from time to time? Anyway, the world's going to end tomorrow so shouldn't you be writing about that?"

Even experienced radio and political commentator Neil Mitchell questioned "is it demeaning to the office to be doing something quite as silly as that, particularly when it's presented in quite a serious fashion?"

As of this day, people on Facebook say Julia Gillard is Worst PM in Australian History (with 29,207 likes).

FUQ (Frequently Unanswered Questions)
Many questions still beg to be answered, such as:

  1. On whose authority or direction was the Prime Minister allowed to do a commercial for a local radio station that had no relevance to the Australian people in her capacity as Prime Minister of Australia?

  2. Is this simply another distraction for the Australian people to misdirect them away from the real issues of what is happening to our Australian lands, assets, titles and rights and well-being of the people?

  3. Is Ms Gillard simply having a mental breakdown?

  4. Does this latest episode give a further insight into the reality of Ms Gillard's being, showing how unfit she is to run a country?

  5. What does it say about the appropriateness of selection processes to choose the right people to lead and govern Australia?

  6. What compensation has or will Ms Gillard receive from doing this commercial?

  7. What reprimands has Ms Gillard received and from who?

  8. Where does Ms Gillard's credibility now stand?

  9. Where is Ms Gillard's explanation for doing something like this?

  10. Are the Australian people again having their apathetic behaviour tested?

  11. Where is Tony Abbott's (Opposition Leader) response?

Write your 'End of the World' Questions, Answers and comments below.


    10. By:MyHeathenHeart from Ticked Off, Australia on January 27, 2013 @ 4:39 pm
    Hold up, folks; Gillard isn't the rightful PM. She wasn't voted in, she plotted and schemed with her criminal mates to stab Rudd in the back and steal the job.

    'Disgusting' doesn't begin to describe this pathetic, foul-mouthed, and embarrassing excuse for an Aussie, who's a disgrace to the female sex.

    Sack her, but let's make sure she never receives a cent of the usual 'retired polly perks'.
    By:Dave Derner from auckland, NZ on January 22, 2013 @ 8:39 pm
    look past illusory polis unless of course you like to be fooled???
    By:Daveyone from London, England on January 7, 2013 @ 2:25 am
    I have taken this debate one stage further;
    By:Bobby D from ACT, Australia on December 17, 2012 @ 12:01 pm
    Who does Ms Gillard work for for and answerable to, as it surely doesn't seem to be the Australian people?
    By:Daveyone from London, England on December 17, 2012 @ 4:44 am
    I have reposted this here; also Facebook and Twitter I follow Gillard & Rudd follows me LOL see the link to antimisandry too
    By:JohnnyB from nsw, australia on December 14, 2012 @ 1:46 pm
    4 simple things to understand:-

    1) completely understand all you can about fear, for only then will you realise what it is not, and fear not!

    2) the more responsible we all become for our actions, the more harmonious the world will be and the greater the enlightenment for all

    3) its vital our leaders take responsibility openly so others may follow (as most people have not awoken at this time and can be likened to sleepy dumb sheep)

    4) when our leaders refuse to take responsibility, we as the conscious and awake people must remove them as leaders, replacing them with those who are love & peace if we are to better life for all at a quicker rate

    Now you know the Why, leaves simply a matter of How & When!
    By:Bewitched from Vic, Australia on December 14, 2012 @ 10:26 am
    Not only is PM Gillard a disgrace for her ludicrous video prank, on an even more serious note, Gillard may have led or contributed to the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha in London.

    It is totally plausible that:

    Firstly, Gillard's video prank published 5 Dec 12 on Youtube was available to be seen or heard prior this date by Michael Christian & Mel Greig (2DayFm presenters who did the prank call on 4 Dec 12 to the London hospital allegedly causing the nurse to hang herself).

    Simply, the PM set both a precedence at the highest level in Australia that it was ok to have a so called joke, giving any Australian citizen the right to follow her example, which Michael and Mel may have well done.

    Secondly, Gillard's video prank published 5 Dec 12 on Youtube was being spread to London and around the world on 6 Dec 12, if not earlier.

    From 6 Dec Nurse Saldanha may have seen or heard of Aussie PM Gillard's doomsday end of the world video, either directly or indirectly, being a catalyst that caused her to apparently suicide.

    From photos, it appears that Nurse Saldanha was a very serious type of person who took life seriously, giving rise to her taking PM Gillard's words serious.

    Add this to the nurses value system, beliefs, work & family pressures and medical state, and clearly you have a number of underlying issues just waiting to erupt into something serious, like a trigger from a few serious words and face from a female authority figure such as PM Gillard following on from the days of PM Margaret Thatcher.

    The truth is who shall ever know the real deep rooted cause that led to this woman's tragic demise.

    Whilst a tragedy for this poor nurse and family, who are we seeing own up to their part in contributing to this woman's death?

    Is Julia Gillard putting her hand up and taking some type of responsibility, just as a CEO steps down when a company has failed? I doubt it, people of Australia and the World.

    Hmmm... maybe Gillard's denial as with many of us is yet another symptom of the deeper tragedy we have in our society. Let's us all dig deep within ourselves to find the problem in us all, so then, and only then can we begin to find the solutions.
    By:Bigger Brother from Victoria, Australia on December 14, 2012 @ 2:43 am
    I have detested this woman ever since she first appeared on the scene a few years ago. It was apparent then that there were people in smoky backrooms who had plans for her. Cold, emotionless, stubborn, arrogant, conceited, no personality, an habitual liar, a fraud and a woman with no qualms about betraying her colleagues, i.e the perfect politician to do the dirty job of selling out Australia. She is an embarrassment to this once proud nation whenever she goes overseas (remember the brown-nosing, cringeworthy speech to US Congress?).

    She is SO hated in this country that the Opposition should have had absolutely no problem in defeating her in the last election, but although Gillard failed to win, the Opposition failed to beat her because this witch sold out her principles and promises to appease the Independents. This, sadly, is the state of Australian politics; Rudd-erless with a mad woman at the helm.
    By:Daveyone from London, England on December 14, 2012 @ 12:02 am
    Oh boy I thought we had problems with our lame duck collision Government but who would be a viable successor surely not Rudd again (by the way he has started following me on twitter)Is there any strength of leadership in the world today?
    By:Sam G from NSW, Australia on December 13, 2012 @ 3:46 pm
    Great article!! Isnt she a disgrace!

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