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  • Say YES to FREE Public Transport in Australia
  • 23/07/2014 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Rambo ( 29 articles in 2014 )
Be Grateful Today!
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Say YES to Australia's first FREE Public Transport Social Incentive & Investment Scheme (SIIS)

Reform Yourself in dealing with our Public Transport System

And say,
NO to Fear and ignorance
NO to Intimidation, undue influence, coercion, duress and excessive force
NO to an unjust and overpriced Public Transport system
NO to unlawful and unconstitutional Fines
NO to State Controlled Propaganda
NO to Foreign Corporations and Investment interests bludgeoning Australians
NO to Contracting with State Agents who have NO Authority or Power over you
NO to your reliance upon a Myki card for travel
NO to giving out your Name, Address and any information

Invoke YOUR right to SILENCE!


Be not afraid - Let fear always be your friend and work with you, not against you.

Q. Can you imagine how long unjust Corporations and Fines would last if the Courts were filled with thousands of people every time an alleged offence was dealt with?

A.1 day, perhaps 1 week, or even 1 month before everybody stopped buying MYKI cards and relying upon them, giving such Ticket Officers no legal jurisdiction over you.

This would then signal to the Corporations the Power lies with the People, not them.

Remember, they are our Servants — not our Masters!
Do you still remember the words Public Servants?

Speaking to Ticket Officers, handing them a Myki card, and then giving them your NAME and ADDRESS plus details, is what gives a person's power away plus putting them in a triple contractual bind, whether people know it or not, bringing into effect relative legal statutes when a breach of contract has been allegedly committed.

However, giving them your given name, let's say 'Jack' is ok if you are comfortable with that, or any name you want to call or give yourself is ok too, like 'Sparrow'. You don't have to give your so called 'legal personality' or 'Strawman' name, in fact you legally can't, as you don't own it.

See, here is where the trick and fraud is. Your fictional name, the legal personality all caps name, is the same sound as the one given to you by your parents. ie. the given birth name John Smith sounds like the legal name JOHN SMITH, but in reality these two names are worlds apart with legal meaning.

When an officer asks for your name and you say John Smith or give them ID with JOHN SMITH, you are in essence confirming you are that legal 'person', or rather the trustee for that legal name and accept all bonds, responsibilities, duties and liabilities that go along with the contractual obligations of that legal name with the Crown Corporation.

Technically, you don't have to give anyone anything, especially anyone in any 'so called authority', just in the same way a total stranger came up to you and asked for your name, address and $10. Just because they asked for it, doesn't mean you have to give it.

Unlike your birth or given name where you can do what you please with it, your fictional 'all capital letters' legal name that was registered with the Crown by not you, but by your parent's albeit unknowingly without full disclosure by the Crown, hence you do not own, have any liability or have permission from the Crown to either use or give out this name, as most likely this could be regarded as fraud. So we must remember and know who we are, and who we are not.

We MUST remember we are the MASTERS and they are our Public Servants!

Hence, the transport system as we know it today with:
a) Holding Cells on station platforms
b) Rogue Ticket Officers intimidating travelers
c) Rogue Ticket Officers impersonating travelers attempting to entrap travelers
d) Myki tickets unfairly priced and charged
e) On the spot fines where Ticket Officers receive reduced amounts of money, almost as a form of extortion
f) Talk of Ticket Officers having lasers and guns to protect the money they would carry
g) Fines and conduct unconstitutional, unlawful and exceedingly disproportionate to any alleged offence
h) Friendly and courteous service, without fear and anxiety, is absent

and whatever else you can think of, must be dissolved, voiding state control and abuse, and not destroying the wonderful life God gave us to be enjoyed.

So let me ask, is this the type of fear based community and society you want for yourself, your children, and their children? Surely not...

Australians are all shareholders in the Common Wealth of Australia. Corporations and businesses of any type profiting from our lands should be paying it's people, beginning with free travel all around Australia.

We are the Lucky Country so,

Say YES to FREE Public Transport in Australia

Say YES to preserving your God given FREEDOMS, RIGHTS and POWER.

Don't be fooled into thinking anything else.

By Standing Together and Uniting in large numbers, ONLY then will a Free Public Transport System be born, giving freedom and rights to the people.

So my people, do not consent or submit to fear mongering ads and Corporate Public Transport propaganda like that below.

a) For if you do, do you not consent to giving your power and authority away?

b) Are you not consenting to be a slave and live in fear, diminishing your living conditions and standards?

c) Is this not what is currently happening from our so called Governments, ruling us into the ground without care or concern?


Public Transport Victoria - Now you see him, now you don't.(0:06)

'Freeloaders' - PTV fare evasion TV ad (0:45)

    By:Willy from Victoria, Australia on October 11, 2014 @ 4:28 pm
    Our public transport in Victoria + no doubt around the rest of Australia is of serious concern.

    I agree and too say the public has a right to affordable public transport, even if not free, without being in fear of anything? You betcha!

    However, at present with the corporate PTS looking like nazi germany with holding cells, barriers, PSOs thug patrols and overpriced fares, clearly the system is distorted against the public good. Those vulnerable + financially disadvantaged who need it most, appear to be copping it the hardest.

    As an interim solution, those who cannot afford high priced fares should not buy a MYKI card at all...period! Why? As not only this $3/6 card/property is not yours, you are consenting to the T&C's of the PTS by relying upon it. In other words by having one you are screwed whichever way you look at it.

    One's best bet is to first face your fear + travel without one as then you are not bound contractually to their abhorrent rules, traps, infringements and grief.

    However, contractually you are allowed to travel for free as when the doors of a train/tram open that can be considered as an offer to ride for free to which you gracefully accept. End of contract and no consideration (exchange of money) is necessary. This free transport has been made possible as you are a beneficiary in the 'global estate trust'. Alternatively, would you not be entitled to your share of the profits these transport corporations make for using your land?

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