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  • Billionaires & Government Spin Doctors attacking welfare recipients, once again
  • 29/01/2014 Make a Comment (4)
  • Contributed by: Twinkletoes ( 19 articles in 2014 )
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Government crackdown on serial bludgers ACA aired 27 Jan 2014

Left: Current Queensland MP Ken O'Dowd

Firstly, the sensationalist and extreme cases A Current Affair (ACA) portrays barely represents the full and complete story of the issues behind the welfare system. If only these type of mainstream programs could do some real investigative journalism with depth, then maybe people could respect such media outlets.

However, in respect to Mr O'Dowd's words, attitude and lack of understanding on this 'Dole' issue, clearly this is yet another reason why politicians often fall far short of the knowledge and experience required to adequately perform a proper analysis of the situation.

The most important thing that Mr O'Dowd did mention in the ACA story was 'incentive' — however and unfortunately just saying the word was as far as he went and certainly not enough.

If politicians want to start proffering incentive it can begin with Social Investment Initiatives like having all our public infrastructure, utilities and services owned by and benefiting the Australian people in government guaranteed schemes that secure the service, it's quality, efficiency, affordability to all with returns to those Australians investing and utilizing such services. It's a complete healthy renewable system with everyone winning and advancing.

However, Mr O'Dowd's shallow attempt at criticising and judgment rather than a solution focus around proper incentives and understanding for those unemployed leaves him in an untenable position diminishing his credibility in the eyes of the Australian people. Again, the effectiveness of the current political system must be called into question including who are they really working for. Comments below refer to a recent conversation Mr O'Dowd had with billionaire Gina Rinehart.

"[Mrs Rinehart's] biggest whinge to me was, she said, 'Ken, you blokes in Canberra have got to stop the welfare system'," Mr O'Dowd told the community meeting.

"There is 60 per cent of Australians on some sort of welfare payment. [Mrs Rinehart] said, 'They can't be all that badly off'."

Although one would like to know what Gina's definition of "badly off" means, I guess the disparity between Gina and those on the poverty line at $36 per day (Newstart Allowance) may even be difficult for the super financially rich to assimilate, no matter how many self serving mining rallies she attends.

Also when asked by a Sydney Morning Herald journalist Mr O'Dowd said there was plenty of work about but too many unemployed people who were too lazy to do it. "There's a lot of work could be done in our forestries," he said.

From the comments above it's difficult to glean whether Mr O'Dowd is serving the people of Australia or Mrs Rinehart as her public puppet, mouthpiece and Employment Recruitment Agent looking for cheap labour to clear forests in preparation for the billionaire magnate's mining projects and magnanamous profits.

And in light of Mr O'Dowd's narrow minded views, any fair minded person could question Mr O'Dowd's motives. Could there be an incentive for Mr O'Dowd's public position of influence, such as some additional remuneration and royalties in his 'back pocket' from the profits of Gina's lucrative mining ventures? Perhaps a common 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' arrangement being a cosy little back door self serving deal at best conflicting with his ethics and role in public office?

However, this welfare issue isn't about Mr O'Dowd as he, like all politicians are here today and gone tomorrow. Nor is it about Gina Rinehart and her raping of the Australian lands and oceans[Great Barrier Reef] with scant regard to proper consideration and return of the wealth in the ground and shores to the Common Wealth of the Australian people and ensuring the environment is left with a positive footprint.

Welfare and unemployment issues are equally important as they are complex and certainly need addressing and brought into the light for everyone's benefit. Just as many other issues relating to how our nation's wealth is created, how and to whom it is distributed. If we are going to be transparent with welfare issues, let us be transparent with all public issues that concern the Australian people, with no exceptions or hiding behind company and trust structures.

What we need is co-operation to enhance individuality and the family - not division. From there will we aspire to a collective culture that will advance all of god's creatures.

Only when we can action the famous Three Musketeers philosophy shall we be all set truly free!

"All for one and one for all"


    By:Terry McCann from NSW, Australia on February 17, 2014 @ 2:35 pm
    I've been on welfare for a long time. The reasons aren't relevant. I'm no dummy just alot of unfortunate crap in my life. This work for the dole illusion by the government is just more crap. If they wanted people to work they would reduce, modify or eliminate the tax system and create more incentive for the business sector to employ more people. There you have it - solved. Throw some proper support services in to help people on welfare return back to work and again, there you have it - solved. People like Mr Dowd jump up and down on their little soap boxes espousing such simpleton theories when there is no real wisdom behind such a push to help people advance in their life or advance Australia toward a self sustaining and prosperous nation. Politicians will promise the earth to people to get into office, however when there, it is only themselves who gets the earth. Australians would be a whole lot better off not listening to such self serving individuals and government rhetoric.
    By:BJ from nsw, land of Oz on February 4, 2014 @ 3:41 pm
    NSW labour Senator Doug Cameron says Newstart should rise by $50/p plus indexation, not go down or be taken away. He said all of labour should have good long hard look at their values and that off the party, being likened to that of the right wing.
    By:Jimmy J from NSW, Australia on February 3, 2014 @ 12:04 pm
    many who are on welfare have been repeatedly knocked down by bullies, fascist family courts, oppressive govt systems, no incentives and far too many taxes. When we look to our community and government for assistance to get our life going again, incl. work, there is sweet f**k all. Everybody deserves a hand up Ken. We used to say let's give our diggers a fair go, what about giving sincere and broken down people on welfare a go you wanker.
    By:Simon from Victoria, Australia on February 1, 2014 @ 1:29 pm
    wernt they gr8 the ol musketeers. trouble is 2 many in canberra and elite business interests are 2 focused on the ALL 4 ONE part :(

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