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  • Interviewing Fathers and Activists in Australia and New Zealand – 2015
  • By Daveyone
  • Robert A. Kenedy, PhD York University
  • 12/09/2015 Make a Comment (5)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 15 articles in 2015 )
I am delighted to announce that the much respected Associate Professor Robert A. Kenedy, PhD will be returning to canPCAustralia & New Zealand next month to continue his research into fathers and the global movement around shared and continued parenting. Findings will be published in his book and I believe will be to the benefit of us all.

I had the pleasure of meeting Robert at my home a few years ago when he was in Britain and would urge all those interested in this subject to offer your experience and knowledge and have put his contact details and timetable below.times-of-change

“I plan on arriving in New Zealand in early October 2015 and then travelling in Australia to Newcastle, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast in late October and early November of this year. I also may be going to Perth and Adelaide”. Rob

Robert A. Kenedy, PhD
416 736-2100 ext. 77458
FAX 416 736-5715
124 Winters College
York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3
Associate Professor Department of Sociology


    By:Jaimes Walch from New South Wales, Australia on March 7, 2016 @ 4:50 pm
    loud ones --- fix the mess
    By:Stephen Girard from Qld, Australia on March 5, 2016 @ 4:53 pm
    Family law is a joke
    By:Gloria Sanchez from fl, USA on October 4, 2015 @ 7:04 am
    My sister lost her three children to foamily reunification plan. A plan for failure for her. I witnessed their tactics and uncaring for the biological parents. once the child in foster care and the court speaking of stability for them. Once a ward of the state; they moved one child every year..... this is wrong. Relatives tried to get all siblings placed with me and they found a loop hole. They call it special needs so they can seperate the siblings into seperate homes....... then once in foster care away from relatives, after termination at trial the judge decides the kids are stable in placement so they stay there......... then we find out one has been moved every year for 5 years...... terrible torture to kids and parents and relatives................... shame on american courts... administrative law and not constitutional law...... thank you
    By:Steve from Gold Coast Queensland, Australia on September 21, 2015 @ 10:06 am
    Definition of family violence etc.
    (1) For the purposes of this Act, family violence means violent, threatening or other behaviour by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person’s family (the family member ), or causes the family member to be fearful.
    (i) preventing the family member from making or keeping connections with his or her family, friends or culture; or
    (j) unlawfully depriving the family member, or any member of the family member‘s family, of his or her liberty.
    “Destroy the family, you destroy the country.” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Who in their right mind would in a constitutional monarchy create a secret star camber court then make our sworn enemies, Marxist feminist chief justice, that has clear intentions breaking honest hard working real people, the back bone of our society. We have got to target these traffickers and criminals who are managing promoting and selling this human trade, trafficking in human suffering, we are determined to put an end to this vile trade, trade in human life, trade in human death.
    We have got to put the blame squarely at the appalling human traffickers, we now need to do everything we can using a comprehensive approach.
    These traffickers are utterly ruthless, they just want the cash, once they have the cash the deal is done.
    Every Australian Dad needs to join a political party today and lobby for justice.
    Quotes by Vladimir Lenin
    When one makes a Revolution, one cannot mark time; one must always go forward — or go back. He who now talks about the freedom of the press goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism.
    Literature must become party literature. Down with unpartisan litterateurs! Down with the superman of literature! Literature must become a part of the general cause of the proletariat.
    By:Daveyone from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on September 12, 2015 @ 8:59 pm
    Hi David,

    Can you please post the following message:

    I am doing research on fathers, shared/continued parenting, as well as related areas. I have been working in this area for about 26 years, mainly in Canada, the UK, and US. I am now looking at the Global Shared Parenting movement and would like to do interviews with those in Australia and New Zealand. The interviews will be part of the book I am writing about the Family Law system, the Fathers’ Rights/Parenting Movement, and related issues. I would like to interview fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and others who have been impacted by the Family Law System. I would also like to interview mental health professionals, legal professionals, and others who have concerns about the Family Law System. All interviews will be confidential and those being interviewed will remain anonymous.
    Overall, I am interviewing parents and others who are concerned with the state of the family law system, children, and parenting. I am particularly concerned about the stress experienced as a result of separation and divorce such as potential mental and physical health issues as well as possible suicide ideation and suicide. I have also interviewed many participants who have discussed domestic violence, false accusations, and related issues.
    I have published the following selected works in the area:

    Kenedy, R. (2015). “Post-Divorced Transitions: Mental Health and Suicide Ideation Among Canadian Fathers”. International Journal of Family Research and Policy. 1(1), Forthcoming.
    Kenedy, R. (2014). “Do Fathers Matter? Post-Divorced Transitions Regarding Mental Health and Suicide Ideation Among Fathers in a Canadian Context”. In R. Kenedy, (Ed.) Senator Cools’ Roundtable and Symposium on Family Dynamics Proceedings Senate of Canada. Published by the Senate of Canada.

    Kenedy, R. (2011). Moral panic: Male studies and the spectrum of denial. New Male Studies: An International Journal, 1 (1), 52-60.

    Kenedy, R. (2006). Researching the intersection between collective identity and conceptions of post-separation and divorced fatherhood: Fathers for justice, fathers for just us, or fathers are us? Qualitative Sociology Review, 2 (2), 75-97.

    Kenedy, R. (2004/5). Fathers For Justice: The Rise of a New Social Movement in Canada as a Case Study of Collective Identity. Ann Arbor: Caravan Books.

    Please feel free to circulate and post this information.

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