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  • The Will Of Australians
  • By Les Power
  • 14/04/2017 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Jonesy ( 4 articles in 2017 )

The Will Of Australians |The Australian Constitution

It is my considered opinion, following Three years of intensive research and monitoring of both Global and Local events, that our beautiful Australia is in what I believe, a very serious crisis. I have determined, that whilst there are many problems here in Australia, as indeed there is in many parts of the world, there are Four (4) vital issues that need to be addressed and resolved immediately. They are”-

1. Selling of the Assets owned by The Australian People.

Firstly, I do acknowledge that we as a Country are in deep financial stress. At this time (early 2017) Australia is OVER FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS in debt. At this time, Australians are responsible for paying approximately ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH in interest on our loans.

However, I believe our politicians have one of two absolute and URGENT responsibilities to the Australian People.

One, they MUST address The Australian People and inform us of just how serious our debt position is and justify these sales, or


I believe most Bankers, or astute business people would tell you, that when a business or Family or Organisation begins to sell its ASSETS, it is in severe trouble, and powerful Business Management Practices need to be applied to rectify that situation. I acknowledge that politicians and possibly the media will disagree with this, but I assert that will be to either defend or enhance their own position. ( YOU can work out which )

We all of us, each and every Australian have a responsibility to our future generations, our Children, Grand Children and Great Grand Children and so on, to preserve the value and security of what ALL previous generations have created and died for.

2. Aggressive Marketing of The homosexual lifestyle

Firstly, let me be very clear, I have no problem at all with a person who chooses to lead a homosexual lifestyle. Australian Law has been changed many times to enhance the standards by which homosexuals can live their lives in Australia, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. However, I do see a trend and that certainly does disturb me deeply. I am of the opinion, that the general homosexual society ( so to speak ) is seeking to elevate the status and profile of homosexuals, and this appears to be happening in many parts of the world. For example, as I have previously written, I have been monitoring the general life and lifestyle of Australians for many years, and it is clear that not so long ago it was virtually non existent to see two people of the same sex appear and display openly affection characteristics on ( for example ) a National TV show.

In more recent times, it became far more often to see this, to the point where a very high percentage of “reality shows” would have what might be described as “token gays”.

In more recent times ( early 2017 ), it is my opinion now, that is virtually impossible to watch any amount of television WITHOUT seeing gays appear. I admit, that I do find it unsettling to see this degree of gays, who are being well over represented as a minority group in our society.

My main concern is as follows.

I do NOT believe that is a desirable presence in a society such as Australia. It is a fundamental change to the way of life of ALL AUSTRALIANS for the sake of a minority of ( approx ) 3 or 4 percent of our society.

I am even more disturbed by the ( so called ) Safe Schools Program. The possibility of transgender toilets, and the teaching of very young people that their gender is a personal choice NOT one by Nature or Genetics. I truly believe this all will have a very detrimental affect on Australian society.

3. Australia’s current immigration policies.

“This is one of The Most Divisive factors we have ever faced as a Nation and as a People”.

Recent surveys ( 2 ) showed that half of Australians were in favor of an immediate stop to Islamic Immigration into our country.

Considering that Australia is currently OVER FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS in debt, and Australian Tax Payers are paying ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS every month in interest on our loans.

4. Australian’s lack of knowledge of, and Australian’s lack of Application of the inalienable rights of the individual under The Australian Constitution.

My organisation has looked at many different ways that The Voice Of The People can be enhanced and made effective, and The Will Of Australians is that organisation that I believe will have the best chance of success and provide for the most convenient and comprehensive service to ALL Australian Citizens.

The Will Of Australians
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