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  • Vow of Matrimony, or Marriage Bond? A House Divided.
  • By Bryan-Glenn Parker®
  • 20/05/2019 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: MrNatural ( 8 articles in 2019 )
i love this country, we have so much freedom, freedom to ask for permission via permits, applications and licensing; and a license by law is “The permission to participate in an activity that would otherwise be illegal”. i’m very curious in this day with same-sex couples wanting their unions observed why they would want the state to have ultimate control over them? We’ve all heard about “The Institution of Marriage”, but has an Institution/Organization been created under the State by which the State administrates this Institution and it’s products/offspring? i would say absolutely! In researching the Marriage License it is quickly found that it was created the 1800’s during the time of slavery and further implemented through eugenics in 1912 by the Congress of Eugenics to prevent a “Mixing of Races”, this alone should be very disturbing!

Ah, back to the Marriage license, i find this particular license especially interesting though. This is the only license that i’ve never heard of being denied. Would the courts not ever say, “Sorry Sir/Miss, you’ve tried this before and you’re just not very good at it!”. This will happen in a driving, real estate, or CC license request.

There are reasons for which they gladly sell you this license, in short it’s because like most entities the state will only offer to do something which will greatly benefit them! So where is this benefit you may ask, many people learn the answer to this question at the worst time possible, at a time when this union has fallen apart and it’s time to balance both sides of the ledger which is accommodated by the courts because this marriage included a third party and not the union of matrimony the couple thought they had entered. This union was a contract, that’s easy to comprehend, but to uncover the parties of any contract we simply look to see who was a signatory to it and what do we find on the marriage license/permit? On this contract we find the Husband, Wife and oops…the state Registrar. This alone is not by far the scariest aspect to observe, the worst aspect is in learning that all products of this marriage belong to the state, and by products yes, they’re referring to the children and other assets established by this union. Keeping in mind that in the eyes of the state a Union is a division of Labor, did the wife not labor to create the offspring also seen as a Transmitting Utility? In the end of these Court proceedings you’ll only be granted “Custody”. A Custodian is someone who watches over another’s property and not their own. Does this sound like what you want? This explains why couples lose their children/property to DCF!

i want to remind everyone that this Adhesive Contract applies to more than the marriage license.

It applies to your Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Vehicle Registration, Voter Registration, and any other contract with the government (corporation). Was this contract between a loving couple supposed to be ordained by your Creator, or by the State? i guess the answer to that question is dependent on whom you serve.

i’m not intending to sound opposed to a marriage, i’m just opposed to who we unwittingly allow in our relation•ships, and where we look for there ordination. Remember, only slaves ask for permission.

Everyone is welcome to join me here for info and weekly group calls:
Bryan-Glenn Parker®


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