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In order to go forward, sometimes we must first look back

New World Order: Solution or Seduction? | Jeremy Lee - 1992

What is the New World Order? by Jeremy Lee - April 1991

Drive for World Control by Jeremy Lee - Feb 1992
"People initiating policy in Australia are not necessarily the political representatives at all... more of the decisions are made in very big permanent bureaucracies or else they are made internationally." (6:40)

Planned Surrender of Australia 1989 - by Eric Dudley Butler
"We must first destroy the economic independence of all the member states of the UN before we can establish the world state."

After the end of World War I in 1918 the League of Nations was formed at the Paris Peace conference in 1919 resulting in the Treaty of Versailles.

After World War II the United Nations (UN), replaced the League of Nations in 1945 due to it's apparent inability to prevent WWII. The role of the UN, with currently some 193 member states including Australia, was supposedly an international peacekeeping one with the aim of resolving conflicts between nations.

In 1975 the UN introduced the Lima Declaration and began taking control of planet and human resources, whether this be good for the national interests of a nation and its people or not.

Then in June 1992 we had the UN implement Agenda 21 that reaffirmed more carving up and management of Australian resources and rights under some sustainable agenda.

In 2015 Agenda 2030 was released for further sustainability but for the real benefit of who?

So what has been the true Cost vs Benefit impact of the UN and effects of globalisation upon ordinary Australians and the land mass known as Australia, not to mention other countries? Has it been totally positive or in the UN's bid to play God, have we had nation's resources, culture, customs and democratic freedoms put into a state of disarray?

Plus, how are ordinary individuals, families, farmers and small businesses really fairing well on this international stage without the proper protections of a truly national government representing the concerns of it's people?

One thing's for sure, people need to seek a greater depth of disclosure to ascertain the true harm to Australian families and their 'fair go' way of life for future generations to come.

1990 - New Lies for Old - Anatoliy Golitsyn
The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation

1985 - Australia's looming farm disaster! : "They want your land" revisited / by Jeremy Lee
Other Jeremy Lee publications

Lima Declaration: How the UN ended Australian sovereignty

The Australian League of Rights Videos

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