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  • Did COVID-19 restrictions contribute to the death of 14yo William Wall?
  • 23/09/2020 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Haley ( 1 article in 2020 )
William Wall
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Clearly this event surrounding the death of William has shown a huge failing in society. To put it simply, people are in error by following man instead of God and what is right.

When somebody's life is on the line, everyone who could have searched should have done so and not been persuaded, prevented or advised otherwise, by police or by the State.

Dear William and his family, on behalf of us all we are very sorry we let you down, please forgive us. May you rest in peace young and most dearest William...

Whilst it has been reported that the death of William was suicide, who can say with 100% absolute certainty that the effects of this COVID-19 plandemic exercise from March this year did not contribute to this boy's demise, as it has done with many other lives lost.

Not that it will bring back dear William back nor reverse the many other tragedies COVID-19 has claimed, but those holding top executive positions statewide, nationally and globally must be held fully accountable for manslaughter, injury, loss and many other crimes that have been committed against innocent civilians and humanity as a whole.

Facebook comments:

Government restrictions have stopped volunteers attempting to find this young man, enforced by Victoria Police.
Would the assistance of volunteers prevented such a devastating outcome? We’ll never know. No opportunity was given.
To those people saying now isn’t the time to ask questions, tell me. When is the time?
What happens the next time a child goes missing? Are we going to stay home in order to ‘save lives’ at the risk of losing a child?
Stop for a moment, and imagine this was your child.
Your child is missing and your government and police force interfere with decisions as to who gets to search for them. Think about it.
Condolences to this young mans family 💔 - Mel

Just because something is deemed as a legal requirement does not mean it’s a good thing or a right thing!!!!! 😔💔
Stopping community from caring and protecting and supporting each other ESPECIALLY in these times under this specific circumstance is a fucking disgrace. This poor family.
William was found and pronounced dead this afternoon.
The simple act of a helping hand does so much. No man woman or child should be denied that right.
When are you all gunna stand up for each other!!!???
My advice to everyone is to go and see your loved ones, your neighbours, your grand parents, parents, partners, friends, volunteer support groups, kids and do not let a fkn thing hold you back. Tell them you love them. Tell them you are there for them and you are not afraid to support them or lend them a helping hand. If for whatever reason you can not, call them, message them, write to them, post up on your Social media and let them know NOW.
Life is too short. - Kate

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