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Family Court
'NO' Access to Justice

"Public Awareness and Education Notice"

Make no mistake, more often than not, the legal system and 'its' sense of justice, FAILS families.

Simply, your rights and that of your children are by and large DENIED. One such area is the Appeal system, or lack thereof.

Despite the court espousing fairness and 'Access to Justice', there is a DENIAL of an appeal process to many (usually the impoverished middle and lower classes). For one to appear before the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia, one must have obtained a written transcript and have met paperwork criteria.


Written transcripts are UNAFFORDABLE (at over $9,000 for a 4 ½ day hearing).

Transcripts are often EDITED by judges - not providing a true account of proceedings.

Litigants are DENIED without reason, access to listen to transcript tapes of hearings, despite the Family Court being a Superior Court of record.

Litigants are DENIED evidence being held in the court's possession rendering appeals and hearings useless.

Litigants sitting quietly in the back of the courtroom are BULLIED, HUMILIATED and INTIMIDATED by judges.

'Anton Pillar' orders are made giving Federal Police access to raid your home and seize computers invading your privacy, disregarding your rights and welfare of your children leaving them crying, treating them as though they were criminals.

Litigants are thrown in JAIL without any FAIR and PROPER trial, due process or appeal process.

Legal Aid is DENIED despite your case having merit and financial grounds.

CJ Nicholson REFUSES to reply to letters, in contrast with the former CJ Phillips of the Supreme Court who responded promptly and courteously.

A residential parent's home can be ordered to be SOLD in as little as 22 minutes without a judge ascertaining and/or overlooking the facts and without any consideration for children.

END FAMILY COURT SECRECY, says New Zealand Chief Justice Peter Boshier, Law Commission, MP's, Dr Smith and the rest of us decent folk. Privacy is separate to secrecy. What has the court been hiding?

There are no other governmental bodies you can refer your grievances to - which take action.

'WAKE UP' people and smell the coffee - Avoid the Family Court before it's too late for your family!

Solution: Actively campaign against the denials of fairness, rights and democracy.

- People seeking more information and support contact or via

"Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place, he will not be there. But the meek shall possess the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity. The wicked plots against the righteous, and gnashes his teeth at him; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming." Psalms 37: 10-13

(The above comments reflect the opinion of the writer only based on past experience)

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