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  • Who is responsible for Darcey Freeman's Death?
  • 21/10/2009 Make a Comment (12)
  • Contributed by: admin ( 15 articles in 2009 )
Our beloved Darcey Freeman
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»Read Jurors ponder horror of Arthur Freeman case

Who is responsible for Darcey Freeman's Death is the big question on every one's mind.

And guess what, we all know who it is.

Yes, that's right — all of us, each and everyone of us.

The obvious ones who are complicit in this crime appear to be the Family Court goons.

Judges including Chief Judge Diana Bryant, all those unscrupulous lawyers and psychologists who work in the courts and connected associations who profit from the breakdown of family. What would their response be to this?

Yes, Arthur Freeman who must be in a living hell, not just stuck in jail for ever and a day, but having to live with the pain and negative emotions for all eternity, having done what he regrettably did, in the spur of the moment. Wrong place at the wrong time, and a mind full of only goodness knows what, presumably filled with more fear than love.

For the stress upon this poor father must have been horrendous for him to have performed such a misguided and thoughtless act. Most people who have been up against it — with barbaric, insensitive and archaic authorities — know the immense pressure one can be under. And everyone knows, it only takes a second for a person to snap, make a decision and perform a deed, which can not be rescinded.

The mother, who is also living a different type of hell must be regretting her part and actions, namely ever setting foot in a lawyer's office and being induced into going to the Family Court. I'm sure in hindsight she would have done things different if it meant having her darling Darcey still with her.

As for the other poor children who have just lost a sister, their lives will never be the same and mine and all our hearts go out to them big time. Let us pray they get the very best help and love that can be mustered. And one must not forget the other members of the extended families, grandparents, uncles and aunties alike who will also have been hit hard.

On behalf of Fathers 4 Justice our condolences go out to all family members.

As for the rest of us pathetic human beings in this community for doing sweet bloody nothing, we too are responsible for the death of this loving and innocent child. Having seen so many children and parents die previously, after the Family Court empire has touched families with their grubby little hands, this tragedy of poor little Darcey would surely have been prevented, if better systems were in play.

When will we all wake up!

How many deaths does it take for people to wake up and STOP trotting off to lawyers and the Family Court who dish out orders that are often archaic and unconscionable, tearing away even further at the fabric of families and society. Let the Family Court issue a statement to the contrary.

Children just need to be cared for and loved by both parents, to be and feel safe, allowed to grow up healthy and normal, free and to have fun. It's neither hard or alot to ask from and for a child, however, many parents and people in power just can't get it right.

Little children may not be cast of the Westgate Bridge every day, thank God, however almost every day the lives of some poor family are being shafted, in the very institutions that purport to be doing good. If you believe they are, you possibly still believe in the tooth fairy or haven't had the misfortune of these systems entering your family life.

What the public needs is for all the facts about this Freeman case to be made fully transparent to the public with all authorities and relevant professionals and individuals made totally accountable.

Yes, the Chief Judge of the Family Court needs to be sacked and start looking for another job, especially after conveniently losing valuable court paperwork on the Freeman case.

A diverse board of Separated parents needs to replace the top job, or the Family Court needs to be disbanded altogether, with the money financing proper systems that can help families properly.

Families have had a gutful of being looted and "screwed" by the Family Court Industry who cause more harm than good, and go around telling each other what a fantastic job we've done, blowing sunshine up each other's rectums. Yes, saying I'm angry and upset about what has happened is an understatement.

The Family Court and it's so called professionals and academics make having any form of decent and normal relationship with your children almost bloody impossible.

Proper systems need to be implemented by people who have the the proper knowing, experiences, feelings and attitudes, not by politicians and those who are so removed and unaffected from the problems and their effects.

What the public need is HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and INVOLVEMENT to fix this Separation and Divorce racket once and for all. If you are not part of the solution, get out of the kitchen!


    By:Alison Green from Vest Agder, Norway on December 23, 2019 @ 10:32 am
    Utter dangerous misogynistic victim-blaming horror of an "article". Blaming the mother for causing the father's actions? How dare she have "torn apart" the holy cow of "family"?
    Here's my theory on why- because he was a violent narcissist who preyed on her lack of self esteeem and seduced her into a marriage. By the time she realised what had happened and had the huge courage to defy him, three children had been born into the nightmare.
    She then took him to court to get the children safely away from his abuse, and the courts saw the truth and supported her.
    Filled with a hatred of her, and all women in general, he murdered their FEMALE child in pure revenge, and made it as public as was humanly possible, forcing an entire nation to pay attention to his entirely selfish rage.
    Psychologists largely support the idea that narcissists are traumatised children themselves but they remain very aware of what they do and are criminally responsible.
    Arthur Freeman must be locked up forever, not as a punishment but simply to make 100% sure that he cannot physically harm anyone again. Because given the chance, he will.
    By:Joel from Lincoln Nebraska, US on June 15, 2013 @ 4:06 pm
    Keep the faith..better days are coming :)
    10. By:Frank from Queensland, Australia on June 11, 2013 @ 8:48 am
    The Family Court is DESTRUCTIVE!!!! Lawyers are Ass#!&^$#!!!
    By:saswinD (PSN) from victoria, austraila on January 20, 2012 @ 1:50 pm
    • we all feel saddened by the events in other people’s lives
    • it’s not till it happens to you that it becomes real
    • we as men have been shamed and ridiculed as a whole my entire life ( 43yrs ) there was a time when women where we are now that time has well and truly PAST the time has come for the pendulum to sing back
    • the fact that i'am male makes no difference to how I feel about things LIFE / KIDS , ETC
    • one man can be silenced
    Let’s see them silence 10,000 of us
    By:amfortas from Tasmoania, Orstrialia on March 16, 2010 @ 1:47 am
    A Class Action against the current anti-male laws is about to start in Tasmania.

    The instigator, Ray Escobar, needs your support.
    By:Daveyone from London, England on April 23, 2017 @ 3:13 pm
    I have campaigned for some time on World4Justice and now have 3 websites on the subject.Even fromm here n North London have often commented on the Australian question a sit is soon to be reported that 10,000 Australian's have taken their lives since Rudd came to office in november 2007 consider the extended famly and friends of each of those people and it must represent a high proportion of the countries population who have been affected! I too often remark that if the judges were truely honourable they would stop a Dad at the courtroom door and say there is nothing here for you, but inevertably your try your best and we have all headed for the money grabbing lawyers kind of lemming like. Why are the Australian population so fearful to rise up against your in effectual PM rather remanisant of our Lame duck Brown but at least we have a General Election in a few weeks time and be assured Cameron gets regular Lobbying from us already!!
    By:BillyB from Vic, OZ on March 15, 2010 @ 12:23 pm
    So what's the latest? Have any of the legal system goons had charges laid against them? If not, only further evidence of corruption. If you think the father is the only one responsible - think again.

    People of Australia and the world have got to wake up and start taking take responsibility by not heading of to see mad lawyers and courts. Just as sheep are slaughtered every day in Australia, so are naive parents and children, they just may not know it until it's too late!!!
    By:Malcolm from Victoria, Australia on March 15, 2010 @ 7:35 am
    I work next to the westgate bridge, the suicide fencing does not stop what happens.
    i have had 14 years in family courts, ex wife has had 8 suicide attempts with our kids, 3 more with her other baby, and still considered good parent and equal to me.
    and they expect me to pay the woman that tried to kill my kids, how sick is australia ?
    By:BillyB from Vic, Aust on November 22, 2009 @ 8:22 am
    Thanks Amfortas and Daveyone for your great comments.

    Understanding how a parent can kill a child is not a simple task. Human nature and the mind are tricky areas. But hey, I'm sure we will all learn in time as our awareness grows.
    By:Daveyone from Little Englander!, England! on October 22, 2009 @ 1:32 am
    I will say, as the legendary Amfortas has, I too feel how can anyone harm their own child? and another consideration is the regret imposed on that child if a Dad killed himself when the child is not in a position to have a say ( as is always the case in Family law!)Justice Ministers should hold their head in shame or better still reform this God awful Law!!!
    By:amfortas from Tasmoania, Oztralya on October 21, 2009 @ 8:59 pm
    Excellent article Michael. Yes, most of we are to blame, but some of we have been railing against an uncaring, money-grubbing system for a long time now and Fathers are still being crucified.

    So, a small critique but get it right Michael. Put some percentages against the 'blames'. And some recognition for yourself for your efforts to reverse the tide.

    Let's have a Cnut Award.

    The father was under excessive pressure but I would kill myself before murdering my child. He cannot be excused from his (at least 75% blame)simply by rolling everyone and his dog into the frame, even though the Family Court is replete with dogs like a hunting pack, led by the red-jacketed Bryant woman.

    There are cats in the pack too. Fat Cat lawyers. And Cane Toad 'counsellors' who congregate in 'Relate'. And slimey little slugs in the Zoszhial Verker departments.
    By:Daveyone from London, England! on October 21, 2009 @ 7:28 pm
    Well here is a thing, on first inspection of my e-mail this morning (My 17 year old step daughters Birthday) I had a link to this and a similar concern on CBC Canada to which both will receive a robust (Daveyone) response!
    We also have an on going problem in the UK with Baby 'P' being the worse but Victoria Climbe and Khyra Ishaq not far behind and they are only the ones that make the headlines! As with Oz there are a great many Dads killing themselves through the incompitence and calousness of Family law courts we may all be to blame but how do you get change? I will send this to My MP and an excellent MP in John Hemming who is the only person in our Parliament to take this matter serious enough, rather like your Senator Steve Fielding and we only have one reporter in the whole of the Murdoch domination who has campaigned for change on this and that is Camilla Cavendish at the Times. But how do we get the message across to those who make the law when Rudd, Brown, Harper and even Obahma do not give a 4X?
    The only way to change is a world wide campaign and hard hitting news being brought to the attention of those who are in power (thanks to our vote) to do something about this and fix our broken societies brought about by failings in family law that are killing the children opening them up to abuse and seperating them from caring Dads (Only 1/2 amile in my case) as well documented here and across similar boards in Canada, US and UK the time for change is now enough talk and time to petition each and every MP or represntative until this whole sorry mess I have been enbrolled in for 6 years and others for longer is put right!!

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