to violence and abuse of the traditional family




On the 1st April 2004 members of the Melbourne Branch of  Fathers-4-Justice  gathered outside the Family Court building, Corner of William and Latrobe Streets, Melbourne.



Dressed in decontamination suits they bid good riddance to Alistair Nicholson the departing Chief Judge of the Family Court of Australia.


The members staged a mock decontamination of the evil influence and unnatural ideals and activities Nicholson has been allowed to inflict upon families of this nation. They called for a stop to the serious harm to children and their parents and the propagation of  ill-will between bonded adults, to satisfy the political urges of Nazi like minority groups. They condemned the ongoing transfer of family wealth and monies to a greedy minority, whose ill gotten gains promote the loss of faith in the human race by parents and lead them into suicide, murder and other actions normally foreign to their nature.



Fathers-4-Justice  will meet again this Friday 18 June 2004 at 12 noon in the same location.



The theme this time is to say no to violence and abuse of the traditional family.


This event will coincide with demonstrations in other Australian States as well as a Fathers Day protest by the Founders in the United Kingdom, together with a National Men's Rights Congress in the United States of America (for further details see below).


The Founders of  Fathers-4-Justice  in the United Kingdom  have demonstrated the methods to be used in an effort  to "Say No". They have demonstrated their strength and determination to change the current malicious practices by the Family Court and its illimitable attendant arms of government and mindless supporters and admirers. The Founders have pasted a purple hand on the door of the UK Attorney General. They have  purple-powder bombed the Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair from the visitors gallery and caused a rumpus in parliament. The Founders have blocked freeways and climbed cranes over the city of London causing mayhem and disruption costing Millions of pounds. They took over the Family Court for Xmas dressed in Santa suits. They have made their point and are being noticed. Their brave examples no doubt will spread around the western globe where the destruction of the Natural Traditional Family has taken hold.


In Australia, fathers attempts to change government edict peacefully over the last twenty eight years has born no fruit. Fathers-4-Justice  believe the time has come for all Australian families to take to the streets and by acting out civil disobedience, cause chaos and financial loss to those intent on inflicting harm onto Australian families.


Further details are available at:              UK:










Say NO! to the Family Court of Australia

Say NO! to the Child Support Agency

Say NO! to the Department of Human Services

Say NO! to the Children's Court

Say NO! to the New Domestic Violence Court

Say NO! to arbitrary courts

Say NO! to interventionist arm of the Magistrates Court

Say NO! to the Family Law Act and the Young Persons Act

Say NO! to discretionary legislation and reliance on judges warped mind-set

Say NO! to deviates being employed in the court system

Say NO! to using our children to further filthy political agendas of minorities

Say NO! to the removal of our children from good homes.

Say NO! to mothers putting their interests above that of our children.

Say NO! to Courts and lawyers abusing decent fathers.

Say NO! to the "abuse of our children" by authorities.

Say NO! to the exploitation of our children by academics.

Say NO! to the theft of our incomes by authorities.

Say NO! to attacks by governments and authorities against our integrity and honour.

Say NO! to attacks against our abilities to provide for our children the way we know best.

Say NO! to interference’s and interventions by professional despots into our daily lives.

Say NO! to governments' divisive separatist family policies.

Say NO! to divorce without reason, marriage is a contract to your children.

Say NO! to more courts and tribunals to inflict pain and suffering onto families.

Say NO! to the denial of our natural instincts to protect our children against predators.

Say NO! to the attack on our natural instincts to help each other and aid our fellow man.

Say NO! to the demolition of the extended family, the only safe haven for our children.

Say NO! to the secrecy provisions that shrouds legislation and their attendant courts.

Say NO! to the propagation of wealthy minority elite’s.



Say NO! to the tyrant ideal of mentor agenda, substitute fathering and the like which leads our children to suicide, substance abuse, weakened bonding to their children, hopelessness and despair for the future -


Say NO! to catch phrases and hurtful wording from careless elite professionals such as " move on with your life", "Put the past behind you", "helping court", "No fault divorce", " the best interest of the child" etc. as substitutes to yours and your children’s rights derived from Humanity and Nature and inherently protected without interference by the Laws of this country and bastardised by corrupt parliamentary legislation -


Say NO! to the annual Holocaust induced by the hopelessness of many in the Family Court and followed by needless visits to cemeteries -




To conflict of interest, collusion, advantage of office, pecuniary interest, nepotism, cronyism, accountability, irresponsibility, abuse of process, bias and other offences by judges, lawyers and those who suckle off this filth.


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