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  • Responsibility - at whose feet does it lay?
  • 15/01/2011 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: MrNatural ( 6 articles in 2011 )
In a separation or divorce where there are children involved, who does the responsibility really lie with to sort matters out fairly?

By fairly, I mean a healthy way where conflict is reduced, family connectivity is maintained where possible, pain is healed, insecurity becomes certainty and dark nights become days of light, love and joy yet again.

Is it just the parents who must wear all the responsibility, notwithstanding their inability to often function from the shock of a family breakup, let alone resolve such matters if they lack the maturity and psychological makeup to cope with such demands?

Is it the Family Court system if one or both parents choose to take it there, for what they believe will be a fair and favourable decision?

Or perhaps responsibility should be born by the lawyers, who often induce their clients to go to court for often what one perceives as unscrupulous, self serving and ineffective reasons, in light of the fact there are countless better options on offer for families to choose.

What about the extended family, what's left of them in this day and age, friends or the community as a whole that should take some of the responsibility?

What about our politicians, the media and forms of advertising that influence the minds of people, this way or that, causing consumer stress upon certain types of individuals?

So all in all, is it really that clear cut as to who is responsible, both pre and post a separation?

So what's to be done about this Separation and Divorce problem that so often destroys people's lives?

So who do we look to for the answers, guidance and wisdom to fix this carnage that is left unchecked?

Is the death cycle of family breakdown simply seen as a normal cycle that must be allowed to exist, just as all things must die?

Is there no remedy?

Well, put a challenge like that to all us Fathers, providers, protectors, carers, elders, Mr. Fixits and surely, the synergy that must come from unleashing all our collective power and love must certainly find better solutions.

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