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  • A message to send to people who have downloaded the COVID19 app
  • By John Chamberlain
  • 12/06/2020 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Pete_B ( 1 article in 2020 )
To ANYONE who has downloaded the Orwellian named ‘CovidSafe’ PSYOPS tracking app.

I kindly request you to delete me from your phone contacts list and from every social media platform you utilise IMMEDIATELY - you do not have my consent to use my number in connection to your phones app for ID, tracking or location or any other reason by having your Bluetooth constantly open, leaving yourself wide open to data theft.

For and on the record, you do not have my consent to include me in whatever it is you are doing regarding your own personal choice to utilise said app and I withdraw all consent for you to involve me or retain my contact information.

My non-negotiable reasons for my request are:

1. Bluetooth isn’t permanently on with other apps - this app requires Bluetooth to be on and phone left unlocked, leaving the user wide open to Bluesnarfing (data theft).

2. Amazon - a morally questionable multinational corporation that enables environmentally destructive trade & practices including human rights abuses of slave labour - is in charge of storing the data.

3. Your data can and no doubt will be on-sold.

4. It allows the government to monitor your every move and the movements and personal data of other people you come into contact that neither use the app nor consented to use it.

5. Currently, yes, you are being tracked without your consent (which is illegal), but by accepting ((their)) terms and conditions (in all that fine print) then downloading and using the app, you are consenting for them to track you and use your data, not just for the app, but for whatever they want later on.

6. By accepting this invasive app, it softens up the minds of the Australian public into thinking a ID biochip ‘isn’t all that bad,.

7. It sends a message to the government that we the people are weak and stupid enough to let them introduce further unlawful legislation to erode liberties, rights and freedoms.

Thankyou for respecting my wishes.

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